Best Donuts

Fray’s Donut House has been a go-to place for St. Petersburg locals for many, many years! We’ve been creating donuts, muffins, pastries and great tasting coffee to satisfy any sweet tooth. Check out our list of over 35 flavors of donuts, 6 different breakfast sandwiches and yummy coffee drinks to go with them.

Stop by and find out why our customers love us! In a hurry? You can order online and it’ll be ready when you arrive!

Yeast Raised Donuts

1. Honey Dip Glazed
2. Chocolate Cover Raised
3. Marble
4. Coconut Raised
5. Toasted Coconut Raised
6. Sugar Raised
7. Maple Cover Raised
8. Chocolate Cover Sprinkle

Cake Donuts

9. Plain Cake
10. Powder Sugar Cake
11. Honey Dew
12. Cinnamon Sugar Cake
13. Sour Cream Cake
14. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake
15. Peanut Cover Cake
16. Chocolate Cover Cake
17. Double Chocolate Cake
18. Vanilla Cover Cake
19. Coconut Cover Cake
20. Blueberry Cake
21. Honey Dip Chocolate Cake

Filled Donuts

22. Jelly Filled Powder Sugar
23. Blueberry Filled Powder Sugar
24. Bavarian Filled Powder Sugar
25. Vanilla Angel Powder Sugar
26. Boston Filled Chocolate Cover
27. Vanilla Filled Chocolate Cover
28. Lemon Filled Powder Sugar
29. Lemon Filled Vanilla Cover
30. Raspberry Filled Vanilla Cover

Fancy Donuts

31. Cinnamon Roll
32. Apple Fritter
33. Bo-Tie
34. E-Clair
35. Twisty (Glazed, Cinnamon or Chocolate)
36. Good Service (No Charge)

Fresh Muffins

Banana Nut
Green Tea
Lemon Poppyseed
Chocolate Chip

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